Industrial Paints
Unibake Anticorrosive Primer

Wet-on-wet application with 3 minutes flash off time.
Single baking at 130°C for 25 min. High productivity & Low production cost.
Recommended for welded areas as the composite system at 40-60 (Primer + Topcoat) gives minimum Salt Spray life of 240 Hrs.


Automotive Top Coat

High Gloss with excellent clarity.
High Solid formulation.
Low thinner intake.
High Film Build easy application.
400 Hrs Accelerated weathering.


Metallic Base Coat

Suitable for wet-on-wet application as well as Dual Coat System.
Excellent exterior durability suitable for Automobile Components.


TSA Clear

High Solids
Excellent Clarity
Non Yellowing (Water White)
Excellent Mar Resistance.
500 Hrs Accelerated Weathering


Low Bake P.U. Topcoat

Excellent Gloss and Clarity
Longer Pot Life
Low Bake System. Suitable for plastic parts.
800 Hrs accelerated weathering.


Low Bake P.U. Clear

Excellent Gloss and Clarity.
Low Bake System Suitable for plastic parts.
No shrinkage Suitable for over coating on Stoving Top Coat.
800 Hrs accelerated weathering.


Air Drying Acrylic Top Coat

Available in Metallic & Solid Finishes.
Fast Drying.
Excellent adhesion on plastic surface.
Smooth Finish.


Etch Primer for Aluminium (Two Pack)

Excellent Adhesion on Aluminium
Compatible with any Stoving Top Coat for wet on wet application.
Can be used as an alternate to chromotizing on aluminium. No environmental pollution


PP Primer

Excellent Adhesion on Poly Propylene Compatible with PU Topcoat.
Water Based Paints
Excellent Adhesion on Metal
Good Salt Spray Life.


Non-Stick Coating

Temprature Resistant
Non-Stick (Low Coefficient of Friction)
Corrosion Resistant


Marico Innovation Foundation
Company News

"Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2004” was awarded to our Chairman, Shri B.R.Bhatia by, Faridabad Small Industries Association.


“Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna Award, 2007”  by National Integration and Economic Council, New Delhi on 22nd Nov’2007 for Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Services to the NATION.


We have received an “Innovation for India Awards 2008” on 19th March’2008 from Marico Innovation Foundation, Mumbai, for “Our Innovative Clean Technology for Paint Sludge Recycling".


“Innovation of the year Award” by Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Faridabad in March’2008.


“Innovation Award on Green Technology” by Manufacturer’s Association, Faridabad in June’2008.


“Corp-Excel Awards (National SME Excellence Awards), 2009” by Corp Bank on 31st December’2009 for Excellence in Management based on the Innovative Clean Technology.

“Parivartan Award, 2011” by India Carbon Outlook on 24th March 2011 for Innovative Development of Technology for Recycling of Paint Sludge

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