M/s. Maharani Innovative Paints Pvt. Ltd. will continue to enjoy the benefits of Award Winning Technology of Paint Sludge Recycling developed by the team under M/s. Maharani Paints Pvt. Ltd.

Paint Sludge Recycling - Innovative Technology

Maharani Paints unveils it's patented, innovative, ecofriendly and Clean Technology of Recycling/Conversion of Paint sludge, a hazardous waste into user friendly primers, undercoats, Floor Coatings, Structural Primers etc; for the auto industry and as per customer's specification.

We help companies contribute to the GREEN EARTH cause by avoiding incineration of paint sludge & help them save money and time taken to dispose sludge at hazardous waste disposal sites(TSDF).

We undertake Paint Sludge Recycling as a service as well as provide Technical Consulting and Know-how to organizations keen to adopt this technology.

Innovative Technology



Other Benefits of Paint Sludge Recycling

  • Our technology adoption will relieve the customer sludge generator from the accountability of hazardous waste management.
  • Converted product will meet all the requirements and the quality parameters specified by the customer.

Saving of Natural Resources by Recycling

  • To Incinerate one ton of paint sludge we require 110 kgs. of fuel (HSD) that too be leaves residul ash as reminent waste to be further disposed.
  • On the other hand by recycling one ton of paint sludge we are saving 1.1 to 1.2 ton of virgin raw materials (Natural Resources) for our nation. Thus benefiting you and the nation.
  • By recycling we are also elimuinating emission of gases which incineration normally produces thus contributing to CDM.

Eco-Frindly Safe Process

  • All the conversion raw materials supplied by us are free from Lead & Chrome.
  • There is minimal generation of waste water.
  • There will be only 2- 5 % remainant waste of the total product produced...
Marico Innovation Foundation
Company News

"Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2004” was awarded to our Chairman, Shri B.R.Bhatia by, Faridabad Small Industries Association.


“Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna Award, 2007”  by National Integration and Economic Council, New Delhi on 22nd Nov’2007 for Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Services to the NATION.


We have received an “Innovation for India Awards 2008” on 19th March’2008 from Marico Innovation Foundation, Mumbai, for “Our Innovative Clean Technology for Paint Sludge Recycling".


“Innovation of the year Award” by Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Faridabad in March’2008.


“Innovation Award on Green Technology” by Manufacturer’s Association, Faridabad in June’2008.


“Corp-Excel Awards (National SME Excellence Awards), 2009” by Corp Bank on 31st December’2009 for Excellence in Management based on the Innovative Clean Technology.

“Parivartan Award, 2011” by India Carbon Outlook on 24th March 2011 for Innovative Development of Technology for Recycling of Paint Sludge

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