What is sludge?

Industrial painting by spraying, generate waste due to off spray. This off sprayed paint washed with the help of circulationg/ running water gets collected in a pit. This mixture of water with off sprayed paint is known as "PAINT SLUDGE".

Present Staturatory Rules about Paint Sludge

The paint sludge is classified as hazardous industrial waste water under the hazardous wastes (Management and Handling) rules, 1989, as amended up to May 2003 (Section - 21.1). And under the orders promulgated by honourable Supreme Court of India, in SLP (c) no. 16175/1997 and C.A. No. 7660/1997, its removal out of the premises of industrial unit producing it, can be punishable.

Supreme Court Order

Dated : October 14, 2003,
Against writ petition no. 657 of 1995

In this order, the apex court have advised M.O.E.F. to draft a policy on hazardous waste generation and handling within the country keeping in the HPC Recommendation:

70.13. "The policy document should emphasize a commitment to the recycling of wastes an materials, and propose incentives for encouraging and supporting recycling. Industries must be given a clear message that they must show concrete and tangible results as far as prevention and reduction of wastes are concerned.

Problem Faced by the Industries in Compliance

  • Availability of licenced transporters.
  • Exorbitant transportation cost.
  • Incineration consumes natural resources like, ading to the cost, that too with environmental pollution by way of emission, and reminant ash.




Traditional Disposal Methods

Disposal Methods for Sludge Presently Being Followed.

  • Incineration by industrial inclinerators.
  • Disposal of sludge to the government approved hazardous waste disposal sites, after due testing and treatment by payment of gate fee.

Why to Recycle?

By innovative process, we convert paint sludge to an industrially usable primer and hence by adoption of this technology, user will get the following advantages: -

  • User industry will save a lot on fuel, and labour cost of incineration.
  • User industry will contribute towards environmental protection of the nation. In line with the HPC recommendation as cited in the supreme court order, dated : october 14, 2003.
  • User industry will get relieved from all worries of hazardous waste handling and disposal.


The Maharani Paint Sludge Recycling is a proven, Patented & properitary process. This environment friendly process involves multiple stages of seperation.

Marico Innovation Foundation
Company News

"Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2004” was awarded to our Chairman, Shri B.R.Bhatia by, Faridabad Small Industries Association.


“Indira Gandhi Sadbhavna Award, 2007”  by National Integration and Economic Council, New Delhi on 22nd Nov’2007 for Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Services to the NATION.


We have received an “Innovation for India Awards 2008” on 19th March’2008 from Marico Innovation Foundation, Mumbai, for “Our Innovative Clean Technology for Paint Sludge Recycling".


“Innovation of the year Award” by Faridabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Faridabad in March’2008.


“Innovation Award on Green Technology” by Manufacturer’s Association, Faridabad in June’2008.


“Corp-Excel Awards (National SME Excellence Awards), 2009” by Corp Bank on 31st December’2009 for Excellence in Management based on the Innovative Clean Technology.

“Parivartan Award, 2011” by India Carbon Outlook on 24th March 2011 for Innovative Development of Technology for Recycling of Paint Sludge

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