Paint Sludge Recycling - Innovative Technology

Maharani Innovative Paints unveils it's Patented & Eco-friendly Technology of Recycling Paint sludge. We balance natural cycle that exists between the environment and the lives of human beings, plants, and animals by helping companies to contribute towards the “GREEN EARTH”.

In this innovative technology, hazardous paint sludge is converted into Primer, Undercoats, Floor Coating & Structural Primer etc. as per customer's specification & requirements.

Benefits of Paint Sludge Recycling

  • Quality recycled product:- Converted product will meet all the requirements and the quality parameters specified by the customer.
  • Conserve Natural Resources:- To Incinerate one ton of paint sludge approx. 110 Ltr. of fuel (HSD) is required and after that too it leaves residual ash as ruminant waste to be further disposed.
  • Eliminate Air Pollution:- By recycling we are also eliminating emission of gases which incineration normally produces thus contributing to Environment.
  • Eco-Friendly Safe Process

  • Eco-Friendly RM:- All the conversion raw materials supplied by us are free from Lead & Chrome.
  • Conservation of Water:- There is minimal generation of waste water.
  • Reduced waste:- There will be only 2- 5 % ruminant waste of the total product produced.
  • Components Painted by Sludge Primer

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